Helping fit-minded people who want to move, heal and feel strong in their bodies, but struggle to do it on their own.



Know how great your body feels when you move and stretch? Do you ever feel like you’ve got a stronger and more joyful version of yourself within you, but it’s been too long since you really moved your body to remember what that feels like?


It’s true.

Consistently taking time out for yourself to move, stretch and strengthen can be challenging, and if you’re dealing with stress, health issues, or any of life’s major events (like marriage, pregnancy, becoming a new parent, getting or losing a job or retirement just to name a few) starting something new—even yoga, which is supposed to be relaxing and easy—can feel insurmountable.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news is, there simply is not a wrong time to start or get back into a yoga practice. It’s never too late, and no matter how little time or energy you believe you have, no matter what life is handing you at the moment there is a yoga practice for you. The time for yoga is now, exactly as you are. One of my teachers, Mark Whitwell says it best:


“You are the complete magnificence and perfect intelligence of the universe just as you are right now. No self-improvement needed. Yoga is your direct experience with the breath, which is life, which is now.”


In other words, Yoga is your direct experience with and participation in life, and it is available to you now, just as you are.


So you may be saying “But I can’t do yoga! I’m not flexible.”


There is a yoga practice for YOU.


Yoga was traditionally taught individually, and each student was taught precisely the practice he or she needed for his or her ailments. If you’ve felt unseen or uncared for in a class situation, it’s probably because the typical class setting does not allow for the teacher to get to know you or your needs in great detail before calling out a practice that he or she knows to be generally beneficial. You may get some benefit from these classes, but you may not be getting the full benefit that yoga has to offer for you.


All you have to do now is find a teacher that can relate to your needs and who has the skills and knowledge to guide you on your path to discovering YOUR yoga practice.


How do you find your teacher?

There are many truly wonderful yoga teachers both near and far. I encourage you to explore. Each teacher will bring his or her own journey and experience with the practice to his or her teaching, so it’s really just a matter of finding someone that you jive with. Your teacher may be just a few steps ahead of you on their journey, or they may be long down the path. It doesn’t matter. You will know you’ve got the right teacher if it just “feels right”.


I’m Nicole. I’ve been a yoga practitioner for 14 years and I’ve helped people of all ages and fitness levels find their way into their bodies, heal their hearts and rejuvenate their spirits.


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